Don’t trust your friends when it comes to restaurant recommendations? Try Chefs Feed

Don’t trust your friends when it comes to restaurant recommendations? Try Chefs Feed

There are quite a few restaurant and food recommendation apps such as Dinevore, TV Foodmaps, Alfred, and Yelp. And that’s only a few of them.

Chefs Feed aims to change the food recommendation game by bringing you suggestions from actual well-known and respected chefs in your particular city. Right now, Chefs Feed has information and chef recommendations for Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. The company promises that Seattle, New Orleans, DC, Boston, and Philadelphia are on the way. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

The company isn’t alone with the app, as Virgin America is an official launch partner and is airing a documentary about the Chefs Feed app on its airlines.

Here’s a video from the company, which explains Chefs Feed:

Let the chefs show you the way

Once you sign up and choose your location, the Chefs Feed app grabs your location and gives you the option to look for restaurants and food by Chef or by dish. Since these aren’t your friends and are trained professionals, their recommendations might actually help you make a better decision quicker.

The app for iOS is gorgeous, and everything is tied together beautifully. The food items, restaurants, and chefs are all objects in the system and flowing between them is simple and fast. Once you tap through to a chef, you can read about what restaurant they work at, what foods they recommend and where, and what accolades they’ve received during their career. Chefs Feed has launched with very well-known professionals, some of which have been on the popular TV show “Iron Chef”.

Rating and reviewing

While the chefs are driving the experience on the Chefs Feed app, you can review an item yourself if you’ve already tried it, or add it to try later. Your account stores your list of reviews and plans to try things, so while you’re out and about, the app can lead you to your next restaurant destination.

It’s actually a great experience to let your friends suggest where you go to eat and what you eat once you’re there. I’ve personally experienced some reviews on Yelp though that weren’t helpful, because the person may have been at the restaurant at the wrong time, or was having a bad day. Having trained professional chefs tell you what they think is well cooked, in season, and something that has impressed them, has a very different and important value.

I’d like to see Chefs Feed expand to the cities we mentioned above quickly, and provide an easy way for chefs and restaurants get themselves onto the platform. It doesn’t seem like its site provides an application to do so at this time.

If you’d like a professional to tell you what they suggest for your next meal, then give Chefs Feed a try.

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