µTorrent for Mac adds RSS support, scheduling and new remote iPad UI

µTorrent for Mac adds RSS support, scheduling and new remote iPad UI

Hear ye, BitTorrent users on Mac OS X, we bear good news! BitTorrent announced on its blog today that µTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline clients for Mac OS X were now out of beta and at version 1.5. And they bring with them a host of new features as well.

First up is support for RSS feeds. You can now subscribe to torrent feeds in both clients to have them be downloaded automatically as they are updated with new items. A new scheduling feature allows you to have your torrent client start and stop downloads at customisable times, so you can manage your bandwidth usage as you want.

In this version of µTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline, you also get more advanced options, information and logging features. Additionally, you can hit Command-Option-, on your keyboard to bring up some even more advanced preferences meant strictly for the demanding power user.

But we’ve saved the best new feature for the last: the µTorrent remote client has now been updated with a new UI that is optimised for the iPad. With a pleasing design, large buttons and a lot of options, it looks like it will be a great way to control your torrent downloads while you are away from your computer. µTorrent also provides a free Android app that does the same task.

As a longtime Transmission user, which is another excellent BitTorrent client for the Mac, I can attest to the utter handiness of a remote interface for controlling your torrent queue, so it is definitely an update worth having. And it can be had for free too: go here to download µTorrent and here for the BitTorrent Mainline app.

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