TouchBase app lets you interact with calendars and meetings in one touch

TouchBase app lets you interact with calendars and meetings in one touch

Innovation is coming from all angles in the application world, and an area ripe for that innovation is calendars and scheduling. We have to-do apps, and Apple’s core calendar and reminder apps, but nothing really ties communications into reminder apps. Other players in the space are natural language calendaring apps like Fantastical.

TouchBase, created by app developer tomo wants to let you enter in all of the information about your meetings and not worry about entering in contact information or addresses. The company calls the app a “day planner”.

Making your calendar social

The goal of TouchBase is to turn meeting requests into a more social and communicative experience. For example, with TouchBase, once you arrive at a meeting, you can tap one button to let everyone know that you’ve arrived. Or you could send them an SMS saying you’re running late, again with one tap.

Since the app matches people’s names with your contacts, you can even give people a call with one touch, and without searching through your contacts. This is key, because when you’re late for a meeting, you’re usually either driving, running down the street, or waiting for a train or bus. You don’t really have time to look up a name, tap it, then tap call or message.

All calendars in one place

The other major strength of TouchBase is tying all of your calendar systems together, including Google Calendars, Apple’s own Calendar, as well as Exchange and Outlook into one place. This alone makes using TouchBase worth the 99 cents the company is charging.

The app isn’t without some issues though, as syncing speed and reliability depends on the service that you’re using. Apple’s built-in service is the most reliable since it’s local, but services like Yahoo! take a bit to sync, and can skip a cycle. If you’re not someone who has a calendar full of meetings and calls, it shouldn’t be an issue for you.

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