Rate your reactions? Complete 6zer0 for iOS and win 6% of its App Store sales

Rate your reactions? Complete 6zer0 for iOS and win 6% of its App Store sales

If you, like me, used to own a digital wristwatch with a stopwatch on it, you may have played the ‘stopwatch game’, where you would see how close you could stop the time increments on, or as close too, each second. It was a game of sorts, but all that it required was a quick and accurate response time.

Digital wristwatches might be fewer and further between (although retro Casio’s are on their way back) but the game itself lives on. Instead, the game has been taken and re-imagined for smartphone and tablet devices, with the release of 6zer0 for iOS.

6zer0 is touted an “epic 60-level journey”, a game where iOS device owners are expected to stop a timer precisely when each second falls. Instead of counting out the seconds, each second-long move its represented by different graphics, each one posing its own challenge (despite the time limit remaining the same) and associated frustrations.


It’s a no-frills game, instead delivering a number of stages that not only builds up your life-time with each perfectly accurate stoppage, but sees each early screen press or late response punished. If you complete the stage with relative accuracy, you are awarded time bonuses.

The beauty of 6zer0 is that it is almost impossible to finish – in fact simulations suggest that just one in 100,000 plays will see a user complete the game. In fact, its creators are so confident, they are willing to share 6% of the games sales:

The creators of the game are willing to stake money on this: the first player to finish the game and follow the secret completion instructions will win 6%* of all 6zer0 sales.

That, coupled with an easy premise, funky music score and low price ($0.99/£0.59) makes 6zer0 a perfect little time-waster of a game.

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