Hark is the easiest way to listen to your favorite movie quote clips

Hark is the easiest way to listen to your favorite movie quote clips

Seattle-based company Hark wants you to listen to the clips of some of the most famous and popular movies of all time. Sites have done this for years, usually by way of downloadable WAV or MP3 files, but mostly illegally. The difference with Hark is that the company has buy-in from some of the biggest production studios in the world. Now you can listen to some of these movie clips legally.

The clip library

Hark has a library of over 2 million quote clips to listen to, ranging from 1 second to a few minutes. Some of your favorite movies, such as Top Gun, have a few of the best quotes represented on the site. The great part is that Paramount, the movie studio behind Top Gun, uploaded these clips itself.

Other partners include Warner Bros, Lions Gate, Paramount, and CBS TV.

The company claims to have the largest collection of sound bites on the web, and has everything from movie and TV quotes, to political speeches and famous in-game calls by sportcasters. You can of course upload your own clips to the site.

Social clips

Hark lets you share clips to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr with share buttons. Also, each player can be embedded onto a website or a blog post.

For example, the embedded player below has a compilation of the 100 best movie quotes of all time, put together from one of Hark’s users. You should give it a listen and see how many of the movies you have seen and remember!

Top 100 Quotes in Movies

There is most certainly a community that loves quotes of any sort, and to be able to listen to them rather than just read them is a plus. The site is kind of busy on the homepage, but does give you a big search box and compilations of popular movies and TV shows to get you started.

Once you start listening to quotes, the site can be extremely addictive. The more quotes you listen to, the more quotes you remember liking, and being able to share them socially is fun.

Hark says that it has just crossed the one billion listen mark for clips on its site, and it is just getting started with features and partnerships. The company business model seems to revolve around ads and targeted purchase links to Amazon for the respective movie or TV show you’re checking out, as well as ringtones of your favorite quotes.

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