Photography game Appysnap hits Android, partners with ShareMyPlaylists

Photography game Appysnap hits Android, partners with ShareMyPlaylists

Appysnap, an app that sets regular photography challenges to its users, has now expanded to Android, following its iPhone launch back in June.

As on the iPhone, the Android app lets users collect points and win prizes for successfully completing challenges which are regularly pushed to them. Challenges can be anything from ‘Take a photo of a street sign’, to ‘Take a snap of someone impersonating an Angry Bird’.

Points awarded let users compete on a leaderboard, while prizes include the likes of Kindles, iPods and gift certificates. A MacBook Air prize draw is currently taking pace through the app, too.

UK-based co-founder Paul Smith says that base points are awarded manually, while the team has a backend that allows them to manually award bonus points to several hundred photographs in a few minutes. “Since we’re asking for very specific photos to be taken, it’s very easy to spot an image that doesn’t fit the pattern,” he says. “As the userbase grows it’ll take more time, but it’s scaling very well to date.”

On Android, the game offers the same fun challenges as it does on Android, although the best looking parts of the app are hidden behind menu selections which take you to things like a gallery of other images people have submitted to a particular challenge. The app opens to a fairly plain text-based interface which handles the offered challenged. Sadly, this may dissuade some from digging deeper.

Meanwhile, Appysnap has also announced its first commercial sponsorship deal. The partnership with ShareMyPlaylists, one of the best-known sites for sharing Spotify playlists and claiming 100,000 users, sees the site sponsoring a series of missions next month, offering music-related prizes for winners.

Appysnap says that it has players across Europe, particularly in the UK, Holland and Ireland, as well as the US. Plans for the future include the launch of location-based missions in specific cities or neighbourhoods.

Appysnap is a free download from the Android Market.


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