Adobe demos incredible unblur feature for Photoshop

Adobe demos incredible unblur feature for Photoshop

Adobe is developing an upcoming feature for Photoshop that could end the problem of blurred photos forever.

The new feature was demoed at the company’s MAX 2011 event, drawing gasps of amazement from a crowd that witnessed a blurred photo, retouched and perfected in seconds. Advanced algorithms calculate the movements of the camera at the time the image was taken, enabling the user to ‘fix’ the image by unblurring it – saving what would ordinarily be a disappointing, dud image.

As the video – which is unfortunately slightly shakey itself – demonstrates, the process can be used on a photo captured on a mobile device to sharpen the quality and, in the case of text-based images, reveal more data.

Though it was showcased at MAX, Adobe has no official release date for the anti-blur feature, though suffice to say it is likely to get a very warm welcome when it is finally available to the public.

Update: Adobe has an explanation of the technology on its blog where it states that “project is still a prototype and not yet in a product”.

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