Twitter power tools in your browser: SocialBro launches as a Chrome app

Twitter power tools in your browser: SocialBro launches as a Chrome app

SocialBro, an excellent service for getting a deep understanding of your Twitter community, has just launched as a Google Chrome app.

We first reviewed SocialBro back in July when it was only available as an Adobe Air app. At the time we were impressed by just how much understanding you could gain about the people you follow and who follow you.

Via slider controls, graphs and pie charts, data as diverse as the languages used, timezones, locations and usage patterns of all, or a subsection of the community can be quickly uncovered.

Batch actions can also be run – meaning it’s easy to, say, find everyone who hasn’t tweeted in 8 months, who rarely tweets, or who doesn’t follow you back, and unfollow them all at once; or find all the people with over 5000 followers and add them to a specific Twitter list. These really are power tools for Twitter that are useful for anyone who is serious about the platform.

The Chrome app works the same as the Adobe Air version, but many people who find Air apps sluggish on their machines, or who simply want all that Twitter power in browser tab will find this a useful tool.

e24apps, the Spanish team behind the app, the startup plans to begin seeking its first round of funding in two weeks’ time, in order to expand its team, develop a US presence and roll out more features. There are plans to bring SocialBro to iPad and Android soon. The feature set will be expanded to provide greater CRM and automation functions, and there are plans to add support for Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo and Instagram accounts next year.

SocialBro is free to install from the Google Chrome Web Store.


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