Podio takes on Yammer with new Employee Networks

Podio takes on Yammer with new Employee Networks

Podio, the platform that allows working teams to communicate and share information online, as well as create custom apps to help them carry out specific tasks, is going head to head with the likes of Yammer, Socialcast and Convofy with its latest update.

While Podio was previously targeted at small working teams, today it has announced a new Employee Network feature that allows everyone within an organisation to use the service to communicate, share files, and manage tasks. From there, individual teams can break off into small groups to use the more intricate features offered by the service’s apps.

It’s a move that allows Podio, which has bases in Copenhagen and San Francisco, to target whole companies rather than just small groups within them. A new pricing model has been rolled out, at $8 per user within an employee network. However, external users such as clients or contractors can be invited into a network for free, whereas previously they had to be paid for.

Podio recently rolled out the ability to build and use apps for tasks like managing sales leads, handle expenses or recruit new employees on its iPhone app.

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