Runmeter releases v6.0 to become the first fitness app to support iOS 5

Runmeter releases v6.0 to become the first fitness app to support iOS 5

We recently published an exhaustive report on the Future of Fitness in which we interviewed Steve Kusmer, the CEO of Abvio, the makers of Runmeter, an iPhone centric platform that pushes your GPS tracked workouts out to social networks and enables realtime feedback.

So let’s say you push out this tweet or Facebook post: ”Just started a run on Runmeter”. When someone replies to the post with “Awesome job!” You’ll hear that feedback within minutes in your earbuds. Hearing a friend of yours say, “Go Faster” will get your legs kicking faster. Runmeter has gone to the max in terms of features, functionality and ease of use with the iPhone. Today, Runmeter pushed out v6.0, which includes ANT+ support from Wahoo Fitness, interval training, support for zones and a new lap button.

Runmeter, along with its sister apps Cyclemeter and Walkmeter, all now support Notification Center in iOS 5, Apple’s latest operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, making Runmeter the first health and fitness app to support Apple’s newest operating system. The new Notification Center offers users the ability to easily view workout information while running, riding or walking.

“We applaud Apple for making iOS the best mobile phone platform, hands-down,” said Kusmer. “We’ve tested our applications thoroughly to make sure we’re offering best-in-class support for iOS 5. With support for Notification Center, our customers will have hands-free access to data that will help them monitor their fitness in real-time. We remain firmly committed to being iPhone-centric and building apps that help improve the fitness and health of our customers.”

The new Notification Center can be used for receiving emails, texts and friend requests while running. You can also set notifications to be received at specified time or distance intervals. The notification will then show up on screen displaying statistics from a configurable list of among 70 data items, such as time, distance, speed or pace, heart rate, calories burned, as well as split and interval information. If the screen is locked, iOS 5 will automatically show the notification for a few seconds, which saves battery power by only turning on the display when necessary.

We asked, is Runmeter the future of fitness? “I believe the future of fitness is connected and realtime…Realtime is where we’ll shine beyond our competitors because we allow for support during your workout. We didn’t create a company that helps people share photographs, we are literally savings lives,” says Kusmer. With Runmeter’s new iOS 5 notification center, you are definitely engaged in a connected and realtime workout experience.

Featured image: Shutterstock/Diego Cervo

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