Acceptly launches an app to help students get into college

Acceptly launches an app to help students get into college

For high school students across America applying to college this fall, Acceptly should be on your radar. Earning good grades, scoring high on the SATs and finishing up your last year of high school can make for one of the most stressful (and most fun) times of your life. Acceptly is like a private college consultant, but free and at your fingertips. The new online platform launched publicly today to guide high school students through the entire college prep and application process.

“As an instructor at the University of Oregon, I appreciate the complexity of the college application process. Acceptly is a valuable resource that adds efficiency and thoroughness to this experience. It increases the potential to present a more attractive story about those applying,” said Doug Wilson, a Professor at the University of Oregon.

Acceptly lets you keep track of your entire application process and uses gaming and social aspects to keep students engaged. Steps are broken down into six categories: Academics, Activities, Testing, College Choice, Applications, Financial Aid. And the company has started running weekly Q&A webinars to give students a direct, live channel for chatting about college. To commend the launch, we got in touch with Acceptly CEO, Matt Munson, who made us this video interview.

Check it out here:

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