You can now search Twitter offline using CloudMagic

You can now search Twitter offline using CloudMagic

CloudMagic, the cross-platform, cross-browser extension that makes searching Google services easier than ever, has just added Twitter support to its arsenal of tools. The extension initially launched supporting Google products only, including Gmail, Google Apps Mail, Google Documents, Contacts and Calendar, and now Twitter has been added to the list of supported services. CloudMagic also supports multiple accounts, and more services are on the way, including Yahoo, Facebook and Hotmail.

After installing the extension, when you’re on a Twitter page, or any given Google page, a small floating search bar which you can drag and drop will be visible, allowing you to search for content. You can select whether or not you want the CloudMagic search bar to automatically appear when you’re browsing Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar and Documents through the extension’s preferences.

There’s no denying that Google is the king of search, and out of all online email services, it was the very first to truly simplify searching your inbox, but CloudMagic certainly enhances the Gmail and Twitter search experience.

CloudMagic is comparable to the Mac’s native spotlight or Google’s instant search, when it comes to its speed – showing results instantly as you type, a feature which is not available for Twitter, Gmail or other Google services beyond the search engine.

When searching from the CloudMagic site itself, you have the added advantage of being able to search all these services from the comfort of one page – and now you can search Twitter, Gmail and your Google contacts all at once.

If you’re using CloudMagic for the first time, check out the introductory video to get an overview of how the extension can be used:

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