Want to take a guess as to what this site lets you do? Want to take a guess as to what this site lets you do?

There’s a whole world of opportunity for the things that are laying around in your house to get out and earn money for you. We’re perhaps past the age of asking your neighbor to loan you his hedge trimmers, and RentStuff understands this fact.

RentStuff is a Nashville-based startup, a recent graduate of Nashville’s JumpStart Foundry and a team of guys who want you, literally, to rent out your stuff or find the stuff that you want to rent.

The idea is somewhat like Craigslist, but it’s more directed toward short-term, temporary needs instead of longer-term ownership. There’s a simple interface where you can find stuff, or list your own stuff instead. So visiting the site you can browse around and, like I have here, find something that you need to rent for a short period.

In my case, I can’t necessarily afford to buy a Canon DSLR, but I’d sure like to borrow one for a few days. It seems that Roger, who is local to me, has a DSLR available for $30 per day. There are full details and I can then mark down for which days I’d like to reserve Roger’s stuff.

Once I arrive to make the exchange, I simply text a specific phone number and then the transaction of money is handled by the site instead of in person. This is for fraud prevention, as well as security for both sides. Lenders have the ability to set a security deposit amount, and if the item is not returned in acceptable condition, RentStuff takes care of the repayment via the security deposit.

The RentStuff team is made up of twin brothers Chris and Robert Jaeger (CEO and COO respectively) and then Adam Albright who runs the product development side of the house. The team has a background in investment banking and computer programming, so it brings a wealth of legal knowledge to the table when it comes to how transactions can be protected for both sides.

At present, RentStuff is only in Nashville, and launching soon in Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to bring RentStuff to your area, you can sign up to have it put onto the quickly-growing list.

The team has been hard at work making RentStuff into all it can be, and it’s quickly becoming a search engine for rentals. With future plans to integrate traditional rental shops (so if your neighbor doesn’t have something, the shop might), it’s making a strong move into an area that’s been in desperate need of a singular place to find information.

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