FourSquare hackathon winner helps you plan your next trip

FourSquare hackathon winner helps you plan your next trip

FourSquare hackathon prize winner My Next Trip, created by developer Benjamin Netter, uses FourSquare’s API to help you plan your next big city trip. FourSquare has announced its ‘Global Hackathon’ winners on its blog.

All you have to do is log into the site using your FourSquare credentials and authorize the app. You’re then given a simple search box to type in the city you’re planning on heading to.

Then the magic happens with all of the data FourSquare has collected from our check-in’s, tips, pictures, and to-do lists. The app circles around the notion of spending a weekend (2 days) in a city, and maps out a potential itinerary for you.

This is when things get really cool. Based on where and when your friends checked in, you are given a daily itinerary for each day by My Next Trip. You can see who went there and what tips they left. Even smarter, based on places you’ve gone, it tells you new places to go based on what your friends have done on FourSquare.

This really is the perfect example of what developers can do with an open API for a popular service like FourSquare, which stores tons and tons of data.

Of course My Next Trip is a simple app right now, but it would be even more useful if I could export the itinerary into another format. If it was possible to export, say a Google document by way of email, I would then be able to print it out.

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