Yiip thinks sharing your voice can be as social as sharing photos

Yiip thinks sharing your voice can be as social as sharing photos

You’re more than likely familiar with media sharing apps like Instagram, Viddy, Path and others. You take a picture or video, upload it and let the app’s community and your friends comment and favorite what you’ve shared.

Yiip, the app for iOS, thinks the same thing will work for 10 second voice notes. The iOS app is actually gaining a head of steam in the app store, and it’s very well designed. The dynamic of having no video to go along with voice is really interesting and might take some getting used to.

Public Posts

The steam is full of voice notes from people all over the world. Some are just people trying out the service right now, whistling and singing, or just saying hello. This could get really interesting when world events happen in real time. Imagine a moment in history where people are sharing their thoughts in small clips, in real-time. It could be pretty powerful.

Popular Posts

The “Yiips” aka voice notes have hearts next to them, and that serves as a “Favorite” or “Like” for the Yiip. The most popular post right now is from the Yiip team, but as more and more people use the service and develop their standing in the community that will most certainly change.


When you record a Yiip, you can add a photo, a location, and also some effects to your voice. The drag and drop design for adding sound effects are professional grade. For example, you could add a cat meowing in between a segment of your recording. The app has at least a hundred different sound effects, and this could make for some funny Yiips. You can also use its voice changer which goes from higher to lower pitch with a slider. Again, think Instagram photo filters here for all of the options. It’s really amazing what you can do with a 10 second audio clip.


Private groups can be set up on Yiip to share voice notes, this is a nice addition, and something other popular media sharing apps don’t have. It’s usually all or nothing. You can obviously set a group up for anything you can think of. Using Yiip as a way to record moments at a concert or live events with friends could be pretty awesome.

Overall, Yiip might be on to something here. There are some apps that include voice notes as a feature, but none of them deep dive into sharing them and building a community around the notion. The Yiip app is free and is definitely worth a shot.

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