also tries to give Delicious a run for its money in content curation also tries to give Delicious a run for its money in content curation

With all of the information out on the web that you share everyday, curation is becoming a hot space. ReadWriteWeb reports on a new service founded by former TellMe senior engineer Ramy Adeeb.

Just because this is a hot space, doesn’t mean it’s not overcrowded though. We’ve reported on quite a few services like this, but might take the lead in pure design and experience. It’s beautifully done., first of all, is a great name for the service. The idea of “snipping” parts of the web to save for yourself or to share with a group of people is something even my Mom can understand. As I’ve mentioned, making sure a service is something not just geeks will get is the key to something sustainable.

Getting Started

To get started on, all you have to do is connect with your Facebook account. After that, you are walked through 3 simple steps to get started.

  • Step 1: Import your Facebook posts to start a collection (Smart)
  • This will bring in all links shared on your Facebook wall

  • Step 2: Install bookmarklet to collect snips (optional)
  • Drag the bookmarklet into your browser so you can collect things in one click

  • Step 3: Follow friends
  • You’ll be shown your Facebook friends that are already using

    Collecting Snips

    You can enter a URL into the top of the site, or use the bookmarklet for one click collection. Once you do that, you are prompted to enter which collection you’d like to add the item to. If you want to set up a new collection, that’s ok too. You can make it public or private, whichever you like. The controls on who you share with are very easy to figure out as well.

    Discovering Content

    This is my favorite part of When you go to the homepage, you’re presented with a gorgeous layout of featured content shared publicly by the community. Each item has a “re-snip” link, to add it to your collection.

    We still haven’t seen what Delicious has up its sleeve yet, but really makes it simple and straightforward to collect content on the web you’d like to save for later or share with people.

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