One Medical Group wants to put healthcare back into your hands

One Medical Group wants to put healthcare back into your hands

Healthcare is something that is getting a facelift as technology advances. In fact, former Apple CEO John Sculley discusses this trend in an interview today on Fast Company.

One company taking full advantage of a more social and technical way of living is One Medical Group.

One Medical Group was founded by Dr. Tom Lee, based in San Francisco, and he wants to take a new approach on primary care.

One Medical Group is like any group of primary physicians in that they take most major insurances, and have a few offices scattered around San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC for now. The difference is in how you interact with their offices, set up and manage appointments, and ask for assistance with medical questions.

It’s all done online or via their iOS app.

Using its Everyone has their iPhone app. Because the company uses newer systems, the appointment is always on time, and never goes over. This keeps things moving fast if you have a busy work or lifestyle.

With the One Medical Group app, you can also ask for refills, all without picking up the phone. This leads me to believe that one day, you may be able to have a quick Doctor’s appointment over the internet. Or is this too much information to be sharing over the iPhone and desktop? You be the judge.

It’s not all about the app though, the One Medical Group staff is courteous and patient, and the Doctor’s are top notch at their specialities. When I signed up, they matched me to a Dr. based on the medical history I entered into its database. It was a good match.

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