GuyHaus makes shopping simple and “magical” for guys

GuyHaus makes shopping simple and “magical” for guys

We’re told that men don’t like to shop as much as women do, so GuyHaus has decided to make shopping for the essentials, simple and automated.

I discussed GuyHaus with CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Middleton today, and he tells me:

It’s magic when a product just shows up at my house and my wife asks me what brands I buy, and I say I don’t know, it just showed up

When you visit GuyHaus, there is no signup process, you just choose which packages of essentials you need, including toilet paper, toothpaste, and shampoo. Condoms are one of their highest selling items, Middleton says.

Once you’ve chosen your items, there is no typical “check-out” other than taking your payment information, these items are simply added to a monthly shipment so you don’t have to think about it. Of course, you can change that queue, much like you can change your Netflix, well now Qwikster, delivery queue.

The site is targeting an underserved demographic in e-commerce, 18-35 year old young professional males.

With an early investment of $250,000, the GuyHaus team is focusing on building relationships with brands, and creating VIP programs so that brands can send free samples to GuyHaus users.

The only thing that stands out as a negative, is that monthly shipments might not work for all, especially if you have a bunch of friends over and they use all of your toilet paper. I’m told that functionality of the site may change soon though.

With social shopping getting bigger and bigger, especially after Facebook’s Open Graph announcement, sites like GuyHaus are able to build a brand, loyal userbase, and simple experience quickly.

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