Bluum helps new moms discover great products through monthly samples

Bluum helps new moms discover great products through monthly samples

What is better than receiving a box full of great products every month? Receiving that box when you’re a mom-to-be or new mom who doesn’t have an hour in the day to discover great, new products, let alone eat, sleep or shop for new products.

Bluum, which just launched this month, offers a membership-based service for moms to discover new wellness products ala the super successful Birchbox for beauty products. Once a month, Bluum sends a box containing 4-5 deluxe product samples like organic skin care, lip balm, stretch-mark cream, small toys, snacks and baby wipes to member’s homes. In the convenience of home, moms can try the products and leave reviews, which earn them store credit that they can use to purchase full-size products.

The company was founded by CEO Markus Rauschnabel, a three-time dad, expert mom Ann Marie Romanczyk, who owned a baby store in the West Village for many years, soon-to-be mom Nicole Gonzalez and COO Sebastian Reichelt. Markus realized how hard it is for new moms to adjust their lives after the baby is born: Spending most of the time with the newborn at home and at the same time trying to find the best products out there for the baby (and the new mom!) poses a real challenge. While and have everything and ship quickly, they don’t help moms discover what else is out there.

Mom experts Ann Marie and Nicole head up the box curation, creating themes for each month’s box and putting together a set of 4-5 samples. The October box that shipped this week is the “l(a)unchbox”. Memberships start at $9/month for yearly members, $11/month for quarterly members and $12/month for monthly members. In addition, there’s a gifting option available, as well as a registry.

Apparently, the first reviews have been amazing, like this mommy blogger’s:

Bluum makes member feedback available to brands and provides detailed analytics on the social media campaign, email campaign and on-site behavior for their specific products. Also, sales data and box-to-sales conversion for products will be shared creating a robust B2B marketing platform for brands wondering which of their items are selling best.

Much like Birchbox has done for the beauty and makeup industry, Bluum plans to produce video tutorials, expert advice, some gossip news and feature customer feedback for new moms and moms to be everywhere.

As a 26-year old who literally jumps for joy every time I receive my Birchbox in the mail, I can only imagine what amazing joy this will bring to time-strapped new moms and excited mommies-to-be. As soon as my friends start popping out kids, this will be the first present I buy for them.

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