Tinyproj: a minimalist approach to finding a quality designer or developer for your project

Tinyproj: a minimalist approach to finding a quality designer or developer for your project

Tinyproj from Kyle Bragger, the creator of designer and developer community Forrst, wants to get your short term project into the hands of a quality developer or designer with minimum hassle. While for the designers and developers out there “Tinyproj is also great to get quality, respectful work on the side” says Bragger.

You may have been in a situation where you have an amazing idea for a web app, but no resources to get a prototype built. It’s hard to navigate through services like Elance, especially since there’s not much of a process that these sites go through to make sure that the talent is legitimate, unless they’ve worked on a few projects before.

With one simple web app and two sides of the coin, Tinyproj is attempting to change all of that.

First, the people who have a project and need talent. It couldn’t be simpler to submit a project. Just cough up a measly $25 posting fee, enter your name, email, budget and a few project details and you’re done. You don’t have to pay until the project has been checked out and approved by Bragger. Be detailed but not too wordy, so that you get accepted quickly.

For all of the registered talented developers, designers, copywriters, and illustrators; they’ll get an email every Saturday with a list of projects that fit their talents. They can then dig in deeper and accept one of the projects pre-vetted by Tinyproj. Tinyproj, well Bragger, pre-vets by going through each project description and viewing the website that goes along with it. From his experience with Forrst, and working on projects himself, he knows a well formulated idea when he sees it.

As of the writing of this piece, and after only 4 days of being live, Tinyproj has shared these milestones exclusively with The Next Web:

– 5300 users
– 1000 intros
– Average of 50 intros per project
– Average budget for projects was $2,100 (USD)

Kyle Bragger’s other service Forrst, which we’ve covered in the past, has seen some amazing growth too, which he’s promised he’ll be sharing with us soon.

There are a few things that we’ll be keeping an eye on. Will Kyle Bragger be able to keep up the pace of checking out all of these projects and make sure that only the quality ones get to the talent? Also, is the delivery of new projects every Saturday enough of a timeframe to satisfy hungry hard-working rockstars or the people wanting to get their project started? Time will tell.

So if you have that killer app idea, or perhaps just a little work that needs to be done on your site, Tinyproj might just be your simplest option.

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