Adobe releases Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements version 10

Adobe releases Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements version 10

Adobe released the tenth versions of its consumer-oriented photo-editing app Photoshop Elements and video-editing app Premiere Elements on Tuesday, endowing them both with major new features, as reported by Pocket-lint.

Photoshop Elements v10.0 adds thirty new effects, bringing the total up to a 100, which you can paint on top of specific areas of your photographs to add some oomph to them. A new guided edits feature allows you to simulate high or low depth of field in your photos and create other effects easily.

You can use a new tool to make text follow the outline of any shape or object in your photo and new duplicate detection capabilities make it easier to weed out multiple copies of the same photo from large libraries. When you are done editing, you can now export photos in the JPG and PDF formats.

Premiere Elements 10 brings the ability to add custom or canned pan and zoom effects, with auto-detection of faces, to photos to turn them into movies. It also lets you adjust the colour tone and vibrance of videos, either using a set of sliders or through automated means.

On the more technical side of things, you get the the ability to burn HD movies to standard DVDs, export in the AVCHD format and run in full 64-bit mode on Windows 7. If you are on a Mac, a SmartSound feature lets you add soundtracks to your movie that automatically figure out the perfect fit according to the length of the video.

Although neither app gets a drastically new interface, a new feature common to both apps is Object Search, which makes searching for photos and videos easier by allowing you to search for specific objects within them. New social features allow you to use pre-existing templates and themes to create online albums, tag your Facebook friends within photos and videos, and upload them to Facebook and—in the case of video—YouTube as well.

Both Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10 are available starting today and you can buy a brand new license for them for $99.99 each and upgrade licenses for $79.99 each. You can also purchase a bundle that includes both apps for $149.99 or, if you are an existing user, $119.99.

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