Crowdsource your movie choices, then buy tickets or queue on Netflix with FlikPiks

Crowdsource your movie choices, then buy tickets or queue on Netflix with FlikPiks

You’ll likely remember a few months ago when we wrote about a service called Mombo that sourced your Twitter friends to find movie recommendations for you. Essentially it would find out the movies that were talked about by your friends, find the sentiment surrounding them, then provide you with recommendations based on that data.

The genius behind Mombo is that sentiment algorithm. The brain behind that genius? Ram Singh.

I got an email from Singh this morning to tell me about his latest project, called FlikPiks. FlikPiks is an iphone app that uses the same “do they like it” sentiment analysis, then provides you with recommendations based on it. When you find a movie that suits your fancy, you can add it directly to your Netflix queue or buy tickets via Fandango if it’s an in-theaters suggestion.

FlikPiks is coming into a crowded market, though. There are some great choices out there including the giants like Movies and iPhilix. Fortunately, FlikPiks offers a nice hybrid model that nobody else seems to be doing very well. Add to that the sentiment analysis and it’s an app that should most certainly be on your phone.

Fortunately, it’s also free. So movie lovers, there you have it. Grab a copy of FlikPiks, load up your Twitter account and start finding the movies that you’ll want to see. That is, as long as you’re following the right people on Twitter.

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