Airbnb launches its free Concierge service for your travelling needs

Airbnb launches its free Concierge service for your travelling needs

Whenever I try to convince my travel savvy friends to check out a place on Airbnb, the only drawback they can offer starts with, “Well, what if I need…” It’s not the $20 toast and jelly from the room service they’re worried about, it’s the help needed finding local restaurants and events, renting a car, locating late night snacks, and god forbid, help with potential emergency medical needs.

Today, Airbnb is launching Airbnb Concierge, its free service that does all that and more, so you can still have a unique, local travel experience sans elevator buttons and sterile carpeting with the comfort and security that’s provided by a professional hotel concierge. Airbnb is available for Airbnb guests anytime they stay in an Airbnb property — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“We want Airbnb to be the best travel experience possible – not just unique spaces, but flawless service that makes you want to sink into your chair and cry, YES! That’s why we’re launching a concierge service for our guests so they can have a luxury experience and world-class service as a part of the Airbnb package. There’s no additional charge for the Airbnb Concierge service and we’ll help you do things like: book a car, arrange dinner reservations, help you find a doctor, etc.,” says a rep for Airbnb.

Airbnb Concierge will help you research weather forecasts, pick out and book local reservations, find stores for your shopping needs and book you tickets to local shows, events, museums or games. It’s team will also help you with rental cars, airport pickups, roadside assistance and last-minute return travel such as rebooking flights.

In terms of logistics, Airbnb Concierge will answer questions about foreign entry requirements, embassy locations and will even help you file police reports. For medical needs, Airbnb will help you refill a prescription, find nearby doctors and hospitals and book car service for pick up and drop off at the hospital.

To utilize the Airbnb Concierge, simply dial the number provided along with your reservation. All of these services are free and are in addition to its existing 24/7 customer support line. Airbnb has built the services into the booking fee so any Airbnb guest can take advantage.

Now, about those fluffy white bathrobes…

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