Pogoplug Mobile brings unlimited media streaming to your phone or device

Pogoplug Mobile brings unlimited media streaming to your phone or device

Pogoplug maker Cloudengines is today announcing the release of Pogoplug Mobile, a new device that allows users to access unlimited streams of their media files from their mobile device. Pogoplug Mobile works on iOS and Android, and connects users to their home content libraries over the Web, providing unlimited access to movies, photos, videos and other media. Think of it as a Slingbox for all your stored files.

Pogoplug is similar to Apple’s iCloud service, and it will unleash your phone or device from physical storage limits. The Pogoplug team thinks it will be complementary to Apple’s service. Any files you’ve purchased from iTunes will be available alongside other media you own.

“People today have an almost unlimited need to create and consume multimedia content on their mobile devices,” said Daniel Putterman, CEO and founder of Cloud Engines. “Unfortunately, their devices just can’t keep up; mobile storage remains too expensive. Pogoplug Mobile solves this problem by providing an incredible streaming and at-home backup solution that turns any mobile device into a limitless media library.”

How it works

Pogoplug is available as a download from the App Store to your mobile device or to your home desktop computer. Once installed, you can sync it with the Pogoplug box, which will shoot files to you wherever you may be. In the past, Pogoplug was more focused on file-sharing between computers, but the new hardware and device places emphasis on streaming multimedia content to mobile users.

The one drawback, of course, is that while Pogoplug may not have a data-streaming limit, it’s likely that your mobile phone carrier does. It might not be a good idea to stream movies over your cellular network, but if you’re somewhere with a robust WiFi connection, then Pogoplug is a great way to take all your content with you, and get the best of both worlds; mobility and easy access.

Pre-orders for the Pogo Plug begin today, and the device costs $79.99.

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