Mobile app Balllin’ for Dribbble for iOS Available Now [Giveaway]

Mobile app Balllin’ for Dribbble for iOS Available Now [Giveaway]

If you’re struggling to keep up to date with your favorite creative types, we might have the solution for you. Dribbble, briefly mentioned in our creative inspiration guide, is “show and tell for creatives” — a website that provides a clean space for artists, photographers, designers and other creatives to share their works-in-progress (WIP).

Through Dribbble, creatives can either sign up as “players” (those who are able to upload and share their WIP), “spectators” (those who simply comment on or like the WIP of players), or “prospects” (those drafted by players to also share their work).

Fans of the service with iPhones or iPod Touches in hand, get excited. A new iOS app for Dribbble is now available in the form of Balllin’, an app for your iPhone that is not only as gorgeous as the website itself, but quite easy to use as well.

The same features you’ll find on Dribbble can also be found on Balllin’:

  • Thumb through dozens of shots
  • Navigate through categories like following, popular, everyone, and debuts
  • Browse artwork by tags
  • Full screen images (when rotating the device)
  • Player Profiles
  • Comments

Check out this demo video for a peek:

From your smartphone or iPod Touch, you can now tap into Balllin’ for easy and touch-and-swipe access that lets you experience the Dribbble service on-the-go. The popular website has essentially been shrunk down into app size (with special care taken to make it look just as aesthetically pleasing as the web-service itself) for your convenience.

To pick it up, head on over to the iTunes App Store Balllin’ 1.0 is be available for $0.99 (USD) for a limited time.

This isn’t the only app available for Dribbble, Travveling for Dribbble is a personal favorite and well worthy of a mention.

Those of you interested in Balllin’ however, are in luck, we have a few iTunes codes to give away. Leave a comment below with your email address and a link to your Dribbble profile and we’ll do our best to get one over to you.

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