Augmented reality browser, Junaio, wants you to ‘scan the world’ with its latest upgrade

Augmented reality browser, Junaio, wants you to ‘scan the world’ with its latest upgrade

Thought it was pretty cool that your phone can scan QR codes and barcodes using just your camera? Or that it can recognize a book or CD cover? With Junaio your iPhone’s camera just got a little bit cooler.

We covered augmented reality browser, Junaio when it first launched in 2009, as it developed, and expanded to include the iPad 2 as a supported device.

In its latest incarnation, Junaio 3.0 is combining augmented reality with image recognition, meaning not only can you now scan QR codes and barcodes, you can also scan images using the app.

Point your phone’s camera at a picture, and ‘scan’ it, and if there’s any information on it in Junaio’s database, you’ll see it instantly on your screen. With the latest update, you have the potential for an interactive experiences in art museums or when reading a magazine. When you’re out grocery shopping, you can scan the barcode of a product, instantly look up a recipe, and with the ingredients list right there on your phone, you can continue shopping.

Speaking about the latest version, Peter Meier, metaio’s CTO said:

“Junaio 3.0 takes us further towards our vision of making the “Augmented World” around us come alive in every sense. We are using the very objects around us as markers to get virtual information. Just point the camera and scan it. This could be a famous painting in a museum showing how the artist created his master piece, or a simple box of breakfast cereals starting an entertaining AR game for our children.”

To see Junaio 3.0 in action, take a look at the video below:

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