Flipboard wants to bring you books, TV and movies. iPhone version on the way.

You may be able to flip through a selection of books, movies and TV shows in your Flipboard app soon, if Mike McCue gets his way. The CEO of the information digest app for iPad says that he is pursuing deals with studio partners to add video content to the app, reports Reuters.

The company wants to dip its toes into the already super crowded online streaming video territory occupied by Hulu, Neflix, Amazon and Facebook. In addition, McCue wants to cut deals with publishers to bring full copies of electronic books to the app as well.

The prospect of being able to flip through TV shows and movies like magazine articles is enticing. It could make for a nice lean-back media consumption experience. It is a space where Flipboard is facing a nice headwind of other options though. The one thing that it has going for it is that digital content providers seem to be intent on doubling down with as many different outlets as possible, so why not a digital magazine?

There is a version of Flipboard that will work on the iPhone and iPod touch due in a few weeks as well, confirmed McCue. The current version is iPad only.