Podio launches powerful Web forms that integrate with its online work platform

Podio launches powerful Web forms that integrate with its online work platform

Podio is an online work platform designed as an internal social network for businesses, with the added ability for users within companies to easily access or create their own ‘apps’ to help them with tasks like handling job applications; marketing campaigns; sales and more. Now the company has launched the ability to create web forms that integrate tightly with the rest of the Podio system.

With Podio’s system it’s easy to create a form to place on a website that then feeds data back into the Podio system for whatever task you’re carrying out. For example, you could build a form to help with your recruitment process, allowing people to enter their details via a Podio-powered web form. This data would then be immediately available within the recruitment app, allowing you to process applications quickly and effectively within the browser.

Other potential uses include customer surveys, user engagement and event signup forms. While other companies such as Wufoo allow you to easily create online forms, Podio’s solution is a boon for its users as it allows data to be usable within existing workflows without any copying and pasting.

Greenpeace Finland is among the organisations that have been testing the forms ahead of their launch, and you can try them for yourself by signing up for Podio. It’s free for up to ten users or $4 per user per month for an unlimited an account.

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