HopStop now provides carbon emissions savings with your directions

HopStop now provides carbon emissions savings with your directions

HopStop, a much loved website for public transit, cab, walking and biking directions can get you to and from anywhere you want to go in 57 major metropolitan markets throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Russia. As a busy 26-year old in the big city with a lemming’s sense of direction, I use its iPhone app almost everyday. The site provides maps marked with nearby subways and bus stops (and restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels etc.), a estimations for taxi time and cost, calories burned while and the ability to re-route suggested transit plans. It even takes scheduled route changes due to construction and spontaneous subway delays into account.

Today, HopStop, a recently certified B Corporation, has a new carbon emissions savings calculator as well a partnership with the Green Restaurant Association. HopStop’s carbon emissions savings calculator allows users searching for local directions to quantify the positive impact of their transit-based travel on the environment, as compared to driving a car; and to identify the best transit, walking or biking route in order to minimize their carbon footprint.

HopStop’s partnership with The Green Restaurant Association, helps users dine greener through by powering directions to all of the Certified Green Restaurants within the Dine Green directory. It has also created a Green Restaurants category within its own popular City Guide.

Check out how the Carbon Emissions savings appears on HopStop:

“We’re excited that HopStop users can now conveniently view their total carbon emissions savings within their directions results,” said Joe Meyer, CEO of HopStop. “Now our environmentally-conscious users can better understand the positive impact that their commuting behavior is having on the earth while still getting to where they need to go.”

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