BrowserTexting: A remote SMS solution for your Android smartphone

BrowserTexting: A remote SMS solution for your Android smartphone

We’ve already told you about some handy keyboard replacements for the Android phone which make it easy to type, like AI Type and Swiftkey. If you still find yourself having a hard time typing out longer messages, BrowserTexting is a great solution for typing out all of your text message directly from your computer’s browser.

The first step is installing BrowserTexting on your phone, after which you’ll be prompted to install the app Barcode Scanner. If you already have a QR scanner installed on your phone, this step isn’t necessary. On the website, click the Start texting from this browser now, and scan the QR code displayed to connect your phone to your browser.

If you want desktop notifications when you receive a text message, you can install the Chrome extension, and connect through the extension, to access your contact list from a handy pop up window instead of the browser.

Once you’ve connected your phone to your browser, you can easily send text messages to individuals or to groups without having to fiddle with your phone’s keyboard. To send a message to more than one person, just hold down the ctrl or alt button as you’re selecting names. You can also send a text message to a number that isn’t saved in your contact list, by entering the number directly in the browser.

What’s cool about how BrowserText works is that you can send and receive messages, making it a complete replacement for texting on your phone when you’re at your computer. It’s also a very handy app to have installed if you’ve forgotten your phone at home.

This certainly isn’t the only solution available for remote text messaging from your computer as the feature comes bundled in other apps, like LookMobile. BrowserText’s interface is simple and there are absolutely no bells and whistles, but if all you need is an easy-to-use app to access your text messages from the comfort of your computer, BrowserText has you covered.

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