Yipit introduces “Trending Daily Deals” so you don’t miss out

Yipit introduces “Trending Daily Deals” so you don’t miss out

There are too many daily deals services to count. So thank god, there’s Yipit, a daily deals aggregator that tracks 1,000 deals a day and streamlines curated offers (only the ones you want) into your inbox. Now, it’s delivering even more of the stuff you love, the crème de la crème of daily deals if you will with its newest feature “Trending Daily Deals”.

Two days ago, over 1,600 people bought a Crowd Cut daily deal in Minneapolis for 50% off at Three Squares Restaurant. Impressive number of purchases. But, even more impressive is that the deal had sold 4x as many as was expected.

In Dallas, Groupon had a deal in Dallas for $5 for a movie ticket and a soda that has sold over 70,000 vouchers (historical average is just 482 vouchers)

In Toronto, more than 700 people (5x historical average) purchased TeamBuy’s deal offering $100 of credit for $30 at Oh Behave Love Shop.

In New York, DoodleDeal’s family-oriented $100 voucher for 8 swim classes and a private lesson at New York Sports Clubs sold more than 200 vouchers (6x DoodleDeal’s historical average).

Since Yipit tracks every deal in every city, this is a great bonus and it makes a lot of sense for casual daily deals users to know what’s hot so they don’t miss out. It’s also great for businesses to know what kinds of deals are really selling and which aren’t. Just sign-up for Yipit in your city to get enable trending deals.

To be clear, Yipit doesn’t have their own deals. It operates like the Kayak.com of the e-coupon industry, grabbing deals just as their announced. The system automatically receives deals, and categorizes the deals based on user preferences. Yipit customizes your “Deal Perch” by categories such as health and beauty, dining and nightlife, retail and services, activities and adventures and fitness. An algorithm takes the deals and sends unique emails out to users based on their preferences.

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