Developers: Give your iPhone apps the beautiful site they deserve with Limelight

Developers: Give your iPhone apps the beautiful site they deserve with Limelight

If you’ve spent months or years developing and perfecting a gorgeous iPhone app, and you give it a crappy website, you’re doing it wrong. Limelight is an app website host that will help you create a gorgeous splash page for your app with all sorts of great features to help get it out to iPhones everywhere.

As a person that researches and reviews many, many apps every week, I can’t stress enough how important a clean, professional and most of all, beautiful, website is in helping people to give your app a try. The impression that your website gives to people who visit it can mean the difference between a sale and not within moments of a person visiting it.

That being said, many times websites for apps get short shrift after a long development cycle. Many times people rely on iTunes for discovery and put up a lame splash page on the web with a link. This is the bare minimum necessary to make it possible for people to get from the web to your app, but it won’t give people that extra nudge.

That’s where Limelight comes in. It’s a site that allows you to create a gorgeous landing page for your app from a variety of custom designed layouts. The setup is simple and quick and the options provided are more than enough to help you engage your customer, help them to share the news about your app and, most importantly, help them to decide on a purchase.

Limelight lets you set up an account in minutes and there is a free option so anyone can try it out. Once you’ve set it up and logged in, you enter your application’s details and Limelight will go out and grab all of the details right from the iTunes listing. Your screenshots are automatically placed into cool product mockups and inserted into some really nice looking layouts.

The support for your app doesn’t stop at the looks either. Limelight also offers the ability for people to text a link to purchase the app to their phone and offers a QR code link as well. This will help to snag those customers who purchase apps directly from their phone or are using computers other than their home iTunes machine.

In addition, you get full stat tracking so that you can keep tabs on downloads from the web, Twitter, SMS and QR codes. Limelight also supports Google Analytics.

If you have a design team that can create you a beautiful website that’s custom built for your app, then definitely do it, it will help your app in more ways than you know. If you don’t have the resources, however, Limelight can help you create a beautiful and effective home on the web for your creation.

Limelight offers plans starting at free for 1 app with limited options and steps to $5, $10, $25 and $50 per month options to host more apps. This pricing makes it slightly cheaper than alternatives that perform similar duties like

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