Slacker Radio: Build your own streaming station [Premium Giveaway]

Slacker Radio: Build your own streaming station [Premium Giveaway]

In the wake of all of the music services coming out these days, there are some that have been around for ages. One of the best of these, Slacker Radio, has really started to shine in the wake of the recent Spotify release in the US.

First thing’s first, let’s take an overview of Slacker Radio. It’s a streaming music service, not unlike Pandora meets Spotify. You can choose from a variety of radio stations which are all (in my ever-so-humble opinion) very well programmed for their specific genres and you can even cache them for offline play.

Service for Slacker Radio comes in 3 flavors:

  • Free – Limited number of skips, includes ads, limited caching
  • Plus – No ads, unlimited skips, more caching, lyrics & news radio
  • Premium – All of the Plus features, as well as on-demand songs and albums and the ability to do custom playlists.

The radio feature of Slacker is an interesting take. You can choose a song, artist or album and Slacker Premium will play songs that are only from your choice, for as long as its library lasts. You can choose to add more variety or narrow it down even more if you want, providing a more customized experience than what we have typically seen out of streaming radio services.

What’s also interesting about Slacker is its ubiquity. It’s available on your favorite iOS and Android device, of course, but also on Palm, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Beyond that, there are some home devices where you can play your Slacker. Acoustic Research, Sony and the Logitech Squeezebox round out that trio.

Subscription pricing is in line with other services, with $3.99 getting you the Plus version, then $9.99 will get you a Premium subscription. Fortunately, we are a generous sort here around TNW and Slacker has agreed to give away 5 premium subscriptions that will run for 3 months each. Want in on it? Just head to our Facebook post for this article and tell us why Slacker is the choice for you.

We’ll pick the 5, then Slacker will get in touch with you to sort out the details. Even if you don’t win, Slacker is still a great service and well worth your download, and heck, it’s free to give it a try. With a range of devices, customized radio and truly unlimited service, Slacker’s a joy to hear.

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