Pixable makes it easier to find your Facebook friends’ latest videos

Pixable makes it easier to find your Facebook friends’ latest videos

We’ve previously sung the praises of Pixable‘s Facebook, iPad and iPhone apps, which approach Facebook photos in a whole new way, helping you find the best photos posted by your friends. Now the New York startup is taking the same approach to videos.

The new version of Pixable’s Web app, which rolls out today, presents your friends’ videos in a way that makes it much easier to find and watch them that the social network’s standard interface. New categories in the app are available for ‘New Shared Videos’ and ‘New Uploaded Videos’, allowing you to easily browse both videos that friends have both uploaded themselves or just shared from other sources such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Bit by bit, Pixable’s app is becoming an essential alternative media browser for Facebook, presenting your friends’ photos and now videos in a way that’s much easier to consume than Facebook’s own approach. An algorithm which the startup calls ‘WonderRank’ learns what kinds of media you find most interesting and presents more media with those characteristics to you in the future.

At present, videos aren’t included in Pixable’s dynamically generated galleries, such as those for the best content of the day, month and week (as determined by the number of Likes and comments they’ve received), but this is set to change in the near future. Meanwhile, the iPhone and iPad apps will be updated to support videos in late summer.

You can try Pixable’s new video support today by logging in to the site with your Facebook account here.

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