Google+ for iOS finally approved. Get downloading!

Google+ for iOS finally approved. Get downloading!

We’ve waited, we’ve watched and now we get it. Thanks to a tip from Macstories, we know that Google+ for iOS has been approved and it’s now available in the App Store. Check out the details below, but for now get downloading and here’s what we see:

According to the iTunes description, it includes Circles, your user stream and Huddle. You can upload photos directly from the app itself, choosing to take them from your camera or use photos that are already stored on your device.

Unfortunately, I had some problems in pulling up a couple of items in iOS 5 Beta, but that’s to be expected. However, just as a forewarning, if you happen to be on iOS 5 Beta, don’t bet on being able to view profiles or see your stream. Every time I load mine, it crashes.

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