This Chrome extension recommends web apps based on your browser history

This Chrome extension recommends web apps based on your browser history

There’s a Web App for That is a long name for what is a useful little Chrome extension. Conceived and developed by Mihai Parparita, the extension goes right to the source, studying your browsing history and letting you know if there’s a Web app available in the Chrome Web Store that might be of interest to you.

When you first install the extension, it will instantly give you a list of Web apps based on your existing browsing history. The extension also lets you know how many times you’ve visited the website for any given app.

That’s not all it can do. If you visit a site that happens to have a Web app available in the Chrome web store, you’ll see a small plus icon in the address bar. Clicking it will open up the web app’s page in the Chrome Web Store.

Even after you’ve installed it, the extension will continue to give you new recommendations based on your latest browsing history.

The concept is simple but genius, and is a great way to discover new Chrome apps that you might not have considered looking for. The personalized and automated recommendations are yet another reason you should ditch whatever browser you happen to be using in favor of Google Chrome.

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