Display photos from your Android phone on your computer with WiFi Gallery

Display photos from your Android phone on your computer with WiFi Gallery

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you have a bunch of photos on your Android phone, and to show them to your friends, you all have to crowd around the one little screen? A brand new little app has just been launched that gives you a way to display the photos as a slideshow on your computer.

Wifi Gallery makes it easy to display your photos on your computer without having to mess with cables, transferring photos, or even any complicated settings. The only requirement is that your phone and computer are on the same wireless network.

Once you’ve installed the app, fire it up to view the URL that will enter in your browser to launch the slideshow. The settings available in the app are minimal at best. You can adjust the picture size in the slideshow, and choose a specific port if you want. The latter is, of course, not necessary to get the app to work.

To determine which images are included in the slideshow, hit the Pick Start Image button. This will then launch your default gallery viewer on your phone, where you can choose a specific folder to display the photos.

There are no options for the slideshow itself but the appearance is pretty slick and gives you an easy way to scroll through the photos one by one.

WiFi Gallery’s strength is its ease of use. It requires absolutely no technical knowledge whatsoever to display photos on your Android phone on a bigger screen, really bringing the photos to life.

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