Follow any Google+ account using RSS

Follow any Google+ account using RSS

NOTE: Since this post was published, we’ve been informed that it’s actually an Atom feed, rather than RSS. Still, that’s but a technicality. As long as your reader supports Atom as well as RSS, the result is the same.

While Google is yet to provide an official API for Google+, enterprising developers have taken matters into their own hands with everything from a statistics service to a media player plugin already available for the nascent social project. Now comes an unofficial solution for something a lot of users have been hoping would arrive – RSS feeds.

PlusFeed is a simple service that provides an RSS feed of any Google+ user’s public posts. Simply find the unique number at the end of their profile URL, and then add it to the PlusFeeds URL. So, for example, the URL of The Next Web’s Google+ RSS feed is:

Then it’s just a case of adding that feed URL to your favourite RSS reader and you’re away – all their public posts will be added to the feed. From our tests, they seem to update quickly too. While this isn’t an essential feature for everyone, and there’s no knowing how long this unofficial solution will work for, if you’ve been desperate for Google+ RSS feeds – your wish is granted.

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