Find new friends and contacts with people discovery tool Commonred [Invites]

Find new friends and contacts with people discovery tool Commonred [Invites]

As useful as online social services can be, networking can be difficult when you’re not sure exactly how much you have in common with others. That’s where newly launched Commonred comes in.

This Web app analyses your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn data, extracting your interests, places you’ve lived, jobs you’ve had and more in order to suggest new people who you might like to meet. A Hunch-style questionnaire allows you to give Commonred extra information about your personality and tastes in everything from pets and sport to videogames and travel.

You can then browse through Commonred’s suggestions of people to meet, seeing how you’re already connected and what you have in common. It’s easy to reach out to anyone you want to meet using the option to ‘Get Introduced’. As a way of helping to reflect your own reputation, you can invite others to join your ‘board’, showing that you have a strong connection with them. Having well-known, trustworthy people on your board will certainly help others get a better idea of who you are. You can invite up to ten advocates to sit on your board.

Currently in closed beta, Commonred comes from social app developer Vaporware Labs. In the future, the company plans to dig deeper into helping users find unique intersections in each others lives. The team believes that it’s only just scratched the service of what’s possible.

Commonred is an interesting concept. When I tried it, the number of users, and thus potential introductions was small, however with the service going live into beta from today, that’s sure to improve.


As it’s currently not yet open to all, you’ll have to head over to this link ASAP for one of 250 codes we have available for TNW readers.

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