Get an Instagram vanity URL with

Get an Instagram vanity URL with

Not to be confused with Followgram which saw an early demise, and has since morphed into Snapfinch, the latest Instagram third party site to open to the public is

Along with giving a somewhat limited web-based interface to the community using the iPhone photo-sharing app, the new Followgram also gives you a way to advertise your Instagram account online. The site has two main features which are pretty cool. After authorizing the app, you get a vanity url, consisting of which makes it easy to share your Instagram profile with others online. Whatever your Instagram username is – that’s your vanity URL – the site sadly doesn’t give you a choice in the matter.

The site also gives you the HTML code for a little button to place on your site, blog or just about anywhere you can, encouraging people to follow you Instagram.

Both the vanity url and the button lead to an online profile displaying your latest pictures, and a list of friends and followers. You can even follow other users through the Followgram web interface, even if they haven’t authorised the app.

Did you get your Instagram vanity URL from Followgram? Share it with us in the comments.

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