Find famous TV and film locations near you with Spott

Find famous TV and film locations near you with Spott

The beauty of the modern-day smartphone is that with its always-on data Internet connection and location chips, app developers are able to create a vast array of applications that can show you interesting and unique landmarks near to where you are.

Spott, a new application launching on both the App Store and Android Market, aims to do just that but wants to become a comprehensive map of famous and iconic scenes from films and TV shows – and it wants you to help out.

When launched, Spott provides three main options for its users; the ability to browse the existing catalog of film locations, a map of locations that are “Near You” or filters to search by film, TV show or actor.

Users are encouraged to sign up for an account to become a “Spotter” and submit their own Spotts. If you once saw the production crew filming a scene for the latest Harry Potter film at a nearby location, you will be able to add it to the database and highlight new places to the most die-hard of fans.

Spott bundles in a very useful Augmented Reality feature, helping users find Spotts nearby, also providing options for users to submit photos of themselves at famous locations, adding them to a comprehensive image gallery.

The application also provides links to buy DVDs, download the film or buy merchandise.

Spott is available on iOS and Android and costs £1.79 on both platforms.

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