TNW 2011 Startup Rally finalist Foodzy exits beta, launches worldwide

TNW 2011 Startup Rally finalist Foodzy exits beta, launches worldwide

One of the 18 finalists at this year’s TNW Conference Startup Rally is now ready for primetime. Soft launched at the conference earlier this year, takes healthy eating habits and diet and adds a social gaming element to it. And today, the new social network has left private beta and gone global.

With Foodzy, users are able to keep track of what they eat on the service’s website. Even though it was in private beta for a three month period, Foodzy co-founder Marjolijn Kamphuis was surprised to discover how social the user base (about 3000 users in 55 countries) was in terms of offering up their eating habits.

“We noticed a lot of our users are way more social when it comes to food and dieting than we first anticipated. People start commenting on each others Food-checkins on Twitter and want to share recipes,” says Kamphuis.

As a result, one of Foodzy’s recent developments is a Product Page that contains every product in the its database. The pages allow users to see what products have been eaten by those they engage with on Foodzy, and also illustrates a product’s popularity. Kamphuis also indicated that the network is working on recipe integration, so that products can be bundled for use in recipes, as well as food combo sharing and other statistical information.

Another popular feature has been the special badges users can earn for eating achievements.

“The most unlocked badge at the moment is the BBQ badge,” Kamphuis revealed.

Along with the other additional features being worked on by the Foodzy team, the most important priority at the moment is the launch of a mobile site. Two mobile apps for both iPhone and Android are also in the works.

“We are in the final stages of development and hope to launch our mobile apps later this month,” added Kamphuis. “It will make using Foodzy a lot easier: adding food with the simple press of a button maybe even when you’re eating it.”

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