The Purple Jane app for Chrome lets you shop online by color

The Purple Jane app for Chrome lets you shop online by color

Online shopping really did just get a lot more fun. The newly launched Purple Jane app lets you control your shopping experience by the colors that look best on you. Its technology filters by colors and takes you directly into the most popular online retailers such as Gilt, Net-A-Porter, and its gentlemanly counterpart Mr. Porter.

Sign up is fun: Download it from the Chrome Store. Connect with Facebook. Then take a quiz. The quiz asks you straightforward questions like gender, age and race and preferential questions like which set of colors looks best on you? Then the quiz asks you detailed questions about your complexion, including tanning capabilities and vein color. When the quiz is over you’ll receive your “palette” with direct links to “try it on” at the following online boutiques.

It works really well within Chrome and the personalized Purple Jane store at each site is catchy.

In the future, I can imagine the technology being used across a variety of other favorite online shopping boutiques like Svpply, StyleTrek, Aprizi and Of A Kind. And why should Purple Jane stop at a Chrome app? I want to see a personalized Purple Jane Tumblr for every palette option next.

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