Tumblr’s brand new iPhone app makes mobile tumbling awesome

Tumblr’s brand new iPhone app makes mobile tumbling awesome

While the 00’s were ripe with great technological brawn, it’s clear the 10’s are about beauty. Aesthetics are essential for success, and that’s a core truth for an app like Tumblr, which is often described as a visual, streaming Twitter. Tumblr is like the FFFFound for the rest of the world. It’s shareable, fast-paced and populated with fashion-centric images.

“Tumblr is basically the Pony Boy Curtis of NYC startups: totally cool, young, hip and a good narrative of everything cultural happening these days,” says, Foodspotting’s Soraya Darabi. While the original Tumblr iPhone app felt mechanical, the new app, just released today, is a truly beautiful, seamless tumbling experience.

The new interface lets you browse the dashboard easily just as you would on the web, but all of its other features are just as good, if not better than actually using Tumblr within your browser.

The best change to the app is that it’s now wicked slick to create a new post when managing multiple blogs. The new app includes avanced options like saving drafts, editing in landscape mode and queuing posts with a swipe. Options for sharing photos, videos, links, chats, text, quotes and audio are prominent within the new version, making it super easy to share what you’re doing in the moment and contribute to fun Tumblr local news accounts like Neighborhoodr.

Viewing stats, your number of followers, number of posts and messages for each of your blogs is actually easier in the Tumblr app than it is on Tumblr’s site. You can then view and reply to messages for each of your blogs from within the app.

Lastly, finding new blogs is really neat on the app as it pulls information from your iPhone’s address book and then allows you to follow each friend’s Tumblr. (Brad, I am now following you.)

New users? Signing up is now native inside the app. Download it here for iOS (Free).

To see why Tumblr is one of New York City’s star startups, read here. Thanks to @Blakeley for always keeping me on my toes.

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