Create a timelapse photo record of your day with Lifelapse for iPhone

Create a timelapse photo record of your day with Lifelapse for iPhone

The smartphone camera has all but replaced the point-and-shoot; it’s portable, it (in some cases) has a decent battery life and it allows you to share your photos with your friends via various social networks.

Lifelapse for iPhone is a new application that wants to take the hassle out of documenting your day in pictures by allowing you to snap images using your iPhone’s camera at thirty-second intervals.

If your phone is in your pocket, taking a photos automatically would be wasteful. With that in mind, Lifelapse will launch with what is called a “LifePouch” a small pouch that is worn around the neck and will safely and securely hold your iPhone as you go about your day and help you capture what is going on around you.

When you start Lifelapse, the app will ask you to start recording – much like a video – but will take a still image every thirty seconds, creating a timelapse project.

It’s easy to use and is perfect for people who like to adventure or document their experiences whilst on holiday.

Lifelapse says its current implementation will be used as the base layer for reliving, as 90% of the brain’s input comes from visual data. It says that in the coming months, the company will enrich recorded memories with more context by adding third-party services that are based on user-generated input, such as check-ins to locations and status updates.

All of this will be available once the Lifelapse web application opens its doors – meaning the service will soon roll out to smartphones with a compatible browser.

Lifelapse is available today for both iPhone and iPod Touch and costs $0.99/£0.59, with the Lifepouch can be ordered from the official LifePouch store for €9.99.

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