Onavo launches Android beta to shrink your mobile data bill

Onavo launches Android beta to shrink your mobile data bill

When Onavo, the app that promises to save you money on your mobile data bill, launched at The Next Web Conference in April, it caused quite a stir among our Internet-hungry readers.

There was one thing wrong with it though – it was iPhone-only. There’s good news though, Onavo has stayed true to its word that more platforms would follow, and today it launches in beta for Android, supporting version 2.2 and above.

The app works by intercepting your data connection and channeling it through Onavo’s own compression technology. It still uses your mobile network, but because less data is used, your bill is smaller. (UPDATE: This is how the iPhone app works. Onavo tells us the Android version of the app works in a slightly different way, but is yet to detail exactly what it does differently). For anyone on a metered data plan or traveling abroad and using roaming data, it’s perfect, and our own Boris was happy when he tried it on his own travels recently.

To sign up for the Android beta, fill in this form. There are only 500 places available initially, but Onavo has set aside an extra 300 for readers of The Next Web. Just mark the final ‘How did you hear about us’ question as ‘Other’ and enter the code TNW.

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