BO.LT – Now you get credit for the pages that you copy, edit and share

BO.LT – Now you get credit for the pages that you copy, edit and share

Back in April we told you about a hugely powerful copy/edit/share application for webpages named BO.LT. The idea is that you can BO.LT any page, customize the elements of it and then share it with others to get their feedback and thoughts. While that goal hasn’t changed, the team has added a new feature today that will help you to track what others are doing with your BO.LT pages.

As you can see, now you’ll have the option to add a branded “sticker” to your BO.LT shares, along with a comment. The goal is to keep a constant source of credit for the share, no matter who happens to see it. The thought is that the comment, or what made you share the page in the first place, often gets lost:

Currently, when pages are shared through Twitter, Facebook and other social channels, the original comments are often lost through retweeting, reposts and character constraints. But BO.LT stickers give social commentators more flexibility and ensures that social curators get credit and recognition for the pages they share…

Tweet and Facebook share buttons keep things social, while a minimize button (just to the right of the red BO.LT logo) will shrink the sticker out of your way if you are so inclined. BO.LT says that the stickers will allow you to more easily track your social influence. As a side-effect, I suppose that they’re correct, but it’s more the stats (available on your BO.LT) homepage that are interesting to me.

From this simple widget, you can choose to edit or share your BO.LT, see the sharing statistics and find out the average speed of the shares. While the stickers idea isn’t new, or even new to BO.LT, the new version does exactly what it is intended to do — it keeps the credit with the original sharer, instead of it getting lost in a crowd.

While we’re still finding great uses for BO.LT, we’d love to know how you’re using it. So BO.LT up a URL and link it to us in the comments. Just make sure that you click settings in the upper right first, then select “Classic” in the Sticker Type. You’re not yet in BO.LT’s beta? We can fix that for you. Just sign up with the code “THENEXTWEB”.

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