Starting today, there’s a lot more SlideShare in your LinkedIn

Starting today, there’s a lot more SlideShare in your LinkedIn

SlideShare fans on LinkedIn, today is good news for you. The two companies are taking their partnership a step deeper, with more native-style integration for SlideShare content inside of LinkedIn.

SlideShare, in case you’ve missed it, has managed to get itself quite the following. It is one of the top 200 sites on the Internet in terms of traffic, clocking in at 55 million monthly visitors who view 150 million pieces of SlideShare content.

As time has moved on, the two sites have noted that their largest base of users falls into the same category of professionals and so they went to work perfecting the integration. According to SlideShare VP of Business Development Ross Mayfield, it just made sense:

“We have had an app [on LinkedIn] for quite some time. In fact, it’s the most popular app on the site. Today we’re expanding that partnership to make it easier for users to share content with their professional network. The goal is to make both the content and the experience more engaging, helping you to discover people through content, as well as content through people.”

The integration goes two ways. First off, SlideShare is integrating the LinkedIn share button to all of your presentations, documents and videos so that you can pop it over to LinkedIn with one click. Over on LinkedIn, you’ll now start seeing SlideShare content in the LinkedIn Today page:

There’s no need to leave LinkedIn now in order to interact with SlideShare content. You’ll now be able to immediately view and share the content by clicking a link or a thumbnail, opening the SlideShare directly inside of your LinkedIn.

Then, back to the SlideShare homepage one last time, you’ll notice a new “Hot on LinkedIn” section that will live close-by with the Hot on Facebook and Hot on Twitter elements from before.

Given the user demographics of the two sites, it’s not an unlikely partnership to see. So head over to LinkedIn or SlideShare and get clicking, then of course, make sure to link us the best stuff you can find.

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