The new KaleidaCam iPhone app is brilliantly trippy

The new KaleidaCam iPhone app is brilliantly trippy

It’s been a few months since my last LSD trip, but this app is bringing me right back there, seeing the world through kaleidoscope eyes, without any worrying side effects. The KaleidaCam iPhone app is a beautiful photo app to add to your collection.

It’s very easy to use with just three buttons- library, capture and settings.The settings feature lets you choose the number of sides to add to your kaleidoscope effect. Given that it’s already a bit difficult to tell what the picture is with just 4 sides, I think 10 sides is a little too trippy. The images are a bit slow to render, but other than that, I have no complaints. The photos are stored in your photo library for easy access and the app lets you share to Facebook, Twitter, deviantART, Posterous, Email and more. (Don’t hit more though, the app just crashed.)

Download it here (£1.19, $0.99) and check out a few of my images from this morning below:

Me, wearing a black hoodie.

My roommate’s bike

Fancy a cup of tea?

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