shows every song you’ve “Awesomed” on Turntable shows every song you’ve “Awesomed” on Turntable

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we’re pretty enamored with the latest music discovery service on the block called In fact, we are so enamored that we even created our own TNW room where you can come hang out with us.

We’ve seen some neat hacks, thus far, that have allowed you to more easily scrobble the tracks that you vote as Awesome to, bypassing the built-in system on Turntable itself. Until now though, there wasn’t a good way to list only the tracks that you’ve listened to on Turntable, if you happen to use with any other service.

Enter — A service that will find what you’re listening to on Turntable, then build a list whenever you vote a song as “Awesome” on the site. Just grab the bookmarklet, toss it into your browser bar, then click it when you go into a Turntable room.

From that point forward, everything that you click the Awesome button to will be added to your list. The site doesn’t auto-refresh, but a manual refresh of will show you an up-to-the-second listing of your Awesomes collection.

It’s maybe not the perfect answer, but it’s at least a great way to keep track of all of the “awesome” new music that you’re finding on

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